Hope in Action


Join us to be #HopeInAction

Every act of kindness and grace, big or small, matters. We can all extend extra kindness in the spirit of unity even throughout this time of physical distance. It is our hope that these small acts of kindness help to bring out the best in our community and inspire others to care for one another well especially during these challenging days.

HOPE IN ACTION is an initiative birthed out of local community citizens, businesses, non-profits and faith organizations  coming together with a desire to:

  • HELP those in need in our community
  • SUPPORT area businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • COLLABORATE with every sphere of influence to bring positive change

We are planning to serve our community in a variety of ways through #HopeInAction. If you are interested in becoming a donor in this collaboration, contact Pastor James Gray below via email or call M3 at 330.577.3776 and we will get in touch with you.

Free Lunch at Burger Hut

Recently a local couple were recipients of a random act of kindness when someone unexpectedly paid for their lunch at a hospital. When this happened, her beautiful smile at that small act of kindness inspired her husband to pay it forward. He decided to bring smiles to more people in the Alliance area during these days of living under the “stay at home.” This prompted the first #HopeInAction event where 1,000 sandwiches through Burger Hut were given away in a community outreach event.

5,000 Pepperoni Rolls

On April 11, #HopeInAction was able to giveaway 5,000 pepperoni rolls to our community of first responders, elderly, and families.

We heard from so many families that this particular weekend posed a critical need because Alliance City Schools were on spring break and not providing meals during the break and families needed a bit more help to bridge the gap right now. Also, we delivered many to elderly citizens and to first responders and frontline medical personnel who are working tirelessly to care for our community.

CommQuest Staff Lunch

We so appreciate those on the front lines and know many people are struggling during this time with drug addiction and mental health issues. Through #HopeInAction, we provided lunch for the staff at ComQuest and partnered with them on a Public Service Announcement helping to get the word out into our community about the services that they provide.