Missional Communities

What are Missional Communities?

Our Missional Communities, known to us as M3 Communities, are ministry partners who share a similar vision and mission. These groups are local, regional and globally-based that we are called to serve alongside relationally.

Our authentic relationships with these groups and organizations helps us to work together to be the change we want to see in the world.

Jesus and his disciples went out to their wider community, letting their lives speak louder than words. We are made to be a part of God’s mission and are sent to serve and love people in Jesus’ name. We are made to have loving relationships out with the world around us.

Words Written in Red

Our ministry teaches and encourages, and we seek to help others to fill the empty space they may feel in their lives by reading God’s word, learning how to pray and encourage them in whatever stage of life they are in. We seek to teach others about who God is, and what He wants to fill our lives with. Whether it is learning to read God’s word, or a believer wanting to grow closer to God. We also give couples tangible ways to interact with each other, to grow closer to each other, and to improve on skills they are already using.

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Mosaic Family

We are an intergenerational group of people who value authentic relationships and community. Together, we grow closer to Christ and be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community.


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Men’s Group

A weekly group focused on facilitating leadership growth and development for all men. BYOB! (Buy your own breakfast!)
Meets Fridays / 7-8:30AM / Bob Evans (2501 West State Street)


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Women’s Group

This intergenerational group of women gathers together to learn how to be more like Jesus and spend time developing authentic intentional discipleship relationships.

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Clothed in Righteousness

Clothed in Righteousness wants to be blessing anyone that may have a need. We work with the homeless,  our needy and those who have lost everything due to a disaster. We also help dress our Men and Women for future employment success.

Partnering with us is just as easy as asking for you to inform us when there is a need and to help with any material donation we may need help filling.

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Northside Intermediate School

Northside Intermediate, a 4th & 5th grade school. The Intermediate years are a critical transition where students move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Academics are a major focus in this stage, as is social and emotional development. Northside is committed to supporting students in the non-academic (emotional/social/physical/behavioral) areas so that our kids come to school ready to learn.

M3 can support Northside by visiting students and building relationships, helping families obtain basic needs, supporting and encouraging teachers throughout the year, and more than anything, praying for all of us.
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Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity

Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity is extremely community-focused and seeks to eliminate poverty housing in Alliance. By making monetary donations, as well as donating time as a volunteer, we can link arms to serve Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity’s vision and create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Find out more about serving Alliance Area Habitat for Humanity here.

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The Ulster Project

The Ulster Project is an international peace project geared toward uniting people when differences divide them.

The Ulster Project has a mission to help young, Christian-based leaders from Northern Ireland and The United States become peacemakers together by providing a safe environment to unite. By making monetary donations or donating time as a volunteer, we can walk alongside The Ulster Project and unite the children of God. Find out more about serving The Ulster Project here.

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